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Nowadays, in the creative design field, especially in website design, mobile app design, UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) terms have been most being used in over the world. We can see those terms in any IT company from smallest to biggest one.
Although those terms are very popular, not at all understand what is the difference between them. And sometimes, it can make designers, developers or even users messy if they are not used correctly.
Therefore, understand what is the difference between 2 those terms are necessary.Today, Texo Design – drupal web application development will tell you the differences between above terms.

UI (User Interface)
So, what is User Interface (UI)? In the design field, UI is the message from designer, which is sent from product or service supplier to end-user. In simple way, UI is the way end-users see the application design on desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Example: if you design a sandal, it should like a sandal rather than a shoe. Basically, the shape of sandal is UI.

UI does not guide to user on how user can use the app, the system. UI only make the user experience better. Furthermore, it is the best tool in sorting out the UX elements.

UX (User Experience)
While UI shows to user the application, service or product face, UX is the way that end-users feel about the product, app, service. If end-users can easily use the product or app or service without or as less guide as possible, that UX is good.
In the other ways, UX is related to such as elements: easily to use, effective, useful when they use the app, service or product.

Example: the application has good UX is the app that user can easily to use without reading user-guide.

What is the difference between UI and UX?
In real, we are difficult to tell difference between 2 terms because UI & UX also have a close connection. Also, we have many disputation about UI or UX is more important. However, if we understand what is UI and what is UX, you will see that both of them have a same purpose is to bring value to user. They make user feel more comfortable when they use product or service, app.

A product/ service/ app with beautiful design, colorful but it’s too hard to use. Or that one is easily to use and useful but it has a terrible design. Clearly, we do not want to use that kind of product.

A good design is the design that combine both UX and UI together.

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