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Tappy Bulbs Makes Saving Energy Fun!

Tappy Bulbs by Texo Design is a game that is sure to take pretty much everyone who plays it by surprise. This is one of those rare games where an intended five minute session turns into half an hour or more!


The idea of Tappy Bulbs is that a young lady has a date and when she leaves the house she forgets to turn the lights off. You need to help this unhappy little fellow called Jake turn all the lights off. The game just oozes charm and despite being quite simple actually looks really good. It looks very sharp and clear and not cluttered and the music is nice and easy on the ears as well.


The real draw of Tappy Bulbs though is the addictive game play. You need to tap the light bulbs in order to turn them off. It starts off nice and easy where you just need to tap one, but as you progress you need to tap more and more bulbs. You need to be fast as the lights that are on will change places. So if you hesitate by the time you do go to tap that bulb it will change its place and you will hit one that is off.


Its pretty exciting especially later in the game where there are multiple bulbs all on at the same time. Do you try and hit three of them before they change places? If you do you will save yourself some time, but if you mess it up and hit a wrong bulb you lose time! The timer will go down faster if you hit an already turned off bulb. And its game over if you hit a plug socket so watch out for them. Honestly the game play may sound very simple and it is, but in its simplicity lays a charm that is very addictive indeed.


You get points for each bulb that you turn off. A cool little feature is that there are two types of bulbs. You have those energy saving bulbs and the regular kind. The regular kind will score you more points as they waste more energy. Once the timer has ran down or if you hit a plug socket you will get your high score. Trying to beat your high score is very addictive and even more so if you upload your score and get your friends and family involved in the game. As well as seeing your high score at the end of a game. You will also see how much energy we have helped Jake save by turning off all these bulbs.


In all Tabby Bulb is a fantastic free game that is great fun for people of all ages and skill levels. Its also a neat way to get children to think about how much energy leaving light bulbs on wastes.


Why wait? Try it now. FREE to download for iphone and android, who can score the highest score?


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