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top new game apps

Whether you’re stuck on the train, waiting for a plane or just curled up at home on the couch, these great new game apps for iOS and Android will keep you occupied and amused for hours at a time.


iPhone & iPad

Democracy 3

Democracy 3 is a game of political machinations, where you run a country and live and die by your decisions. Problems to be solved include crime, unemployment, debt, climate change and terrorism and how you deal with them is up to you.


But get it wrong and there will be repercussions. You could destroy the economy or be voted out of office; everything effects everything else and you must stay on your political toes and make the right decisions at the right time

Democracy 3 has a very easy to use interface and if you’re interested in politics and how everything is interrelated, this game is for you.


King of the Course


King of the Course offers a light-hearted golfing experience where you must work your way through a series of golfing challenges, tapping and swiping the screen to swing and hit and even to make adjustments to the flight of the ball.

It has some novelty challenges along the way such as hitting a bulls eye and skipping your ball across the water and also includes some useful tips from golfing pros. King of the Course is easy to use and well worth a try because it’s free.


Broken Age


This point-and-click adventure game involves two characters who have separate stories, which eventually intertwine and become one. One is born on a space station and the other is about to be sacrificed by her people and they each encounter and overcome a series of obstacles to achieve their goals, concluding with a real cliff-hanger at the end.

Broken Age is visually appealing, with a nice storybook feel to it and comes in two separate episodes (Part 1 and 2), so if you like adventure games, this one’s definitely worth a look.


These Lumps – Adventure Time


This is a great game for younger players, as it’s easy to use and has delightful cartoony graphics. The object of the game is to guide your character Lumpy Space Princess around the dance floor, bumping the other dancers off the floor when you can.

There are a number of levels and obstacles to overcome and you must keep your energy levels up if you want to survive. These Lumps – Adventure Time is a free app and would be a good one to include on a younger child’s iPad to keep them amused on long trips


Flick Soccer Brazil


This free game lets you test your skills against the World Cup soccer stars, using your finger instead of your foot. It’s easy to play and all you do is flick virtual balls past goalies and into the net for your chance to pick up a trophy.

It has five different modes and the flight of the ball can be controlled, making it quite realistic. If you’ve still got World Cup fever, Flick Soccer Brazil will help you keep the excitement alive for a bit longer and your accuracy will increase, providing you don’t get distracted by the add-in beach babes along the way.



Chef’s Diner


This game puts your memory and your culinary skills to the test, as you attempt to manage six different restaurants and serve the hungry hordes of often-impatient customers.

Your success depends largely on how well you remember the recipes and how fast you can serve your patrons. The game speeds up towards the end as you struggle to earn enough currency to win the game. A fun and addictive food management game and another free one, although it does have in-app purchases.


Rival Knights


Travel back to days of yore and arm yourself for battle! Rival Knights is a realistic jousting game that’s visually stunning and action-packed. You’ll get to battle against ruthless rivals, claim their castles and kingdoms, and become a champion jouster as you send your opponents flying like rag dolls.

Rival Knights uses motion-capture animations, 3D graphics and dynamic camera angles. There are even changing weather and light conditions for added realism. It’s definitely worth a look if you like historical action on the small screen.


Push Panic


This is a match-3 puzzle game that’s highly addictive and requires quick thinking and fast reflexes. The object of the game is to tap the blocks and blast combinations of three off the board before the pile reaches the panic zone.

But it’s not as simple as it sounds. The levels get progressively more difficult and there are 75 levels and four different gameplay modes, each with explosive new challenges. Push Panic is a fun game for all ages and ideal for quick, bite-sized sessions when you’ve got a few minutes to spare.


Sky Force 2014


This game combines the latest mobile technology with classic arcade shoot-em-up action to provide a great gaming experience. You’re in charge of a mighty ship and must battle your way through eight different levels, blasting away at everything in sight and eventually fighting it out with the big boss enemy at the end of each level.

Great visuals and a modern soundtrack make this remake of the highly popular Sky Force game from 2004 a real winner and best of all, you can buy it or play it for free.


Hitman GO


This turn-based strategy game is based on the time-honoured infiltrate and assassinate model and features diorama-style graphics and challenging gameplay. The aim is to strategically navigate each map, taking out targets and avoiding your enemies.

All the characters are represented as little wooden game pieces which click together, so it has the real feel of a board game about it. This one’s not free though and it includes in-app purchases as well, but if you like strategy games on the go, it’s worth the small investment.

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