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mobile app outsourcing

So you’ve decided you want to build a mobile app for your business. You’ve got a tight budget and you want to get your mobile app to market as soon as possible.


This is a typical scenario that a lot of companies go through when deciding on how to develop their mobile app. In this article, I will quickly outline some of the pros and cons of outsourcing vs in-house development.


Pros of In-House Development


Generally, in-house allows you to have tighter controls of the outcome as you will be in control of the development. With your own development team, you can make changes on the fly, identify any potential issues before they become issues and deal to each scenario as it arises.


Cons of In-House Development


  • Your costs may be higher. The average cost of an in-house developer in Australia around $38 an hour, and the average cost of a Project Manager is around $50 an hour.
  • If your business is looking at just building 1 app, having a dedicated team in-house may result in idle resources once the project is completed.
  • If you don’t have any developers onboard, it means you will need to recruit a mobile development team, this could take between 4 to 8 weeks.
  • You could hire a contractor to work in house, but then you cost goes up to $80 a hour.


Pros for Outsourcing


  • No recruitment needed, which means you can usually start your project immediately.
  • At the end of project you can say goodbye to the team without the ongoing overheads.
  • Lower costs therefore you can deliver the project with the tighter budget or alternatively fit in more features for the same amount of money.
  • You have a whole team working for you when you outsource a project, this means there is a dedicated Project Manager, Developers and testers (that’s if you go through an outsource company like Texo Design)


Cons of Outsourcing


Some of the concerns associated with outsourcing:


  • Quality of the work/codes is low therefore resulting in more bugs
  • No visibility of where the project is at
  • I have to spend more time managing the contractors
  • The outsource team maybe in different time zones and therefore response turn around times are slow


There are many different reasons and factors why you may need to decide to outsource your development work and to address the Cons of Outsourcing – do some reference checks on the vendor of their previous works and experience. Sometimes, the individual or company may have references but you need to question if the jobs were of a similar degree of difficulty as yours? You need to make sure they have the skills to meet your specific project requirements.


If you’re concerned about visibility, insists on daily/weekly meetings with the Vendor and if you have regular catch ups with the vendor, then it will be a lot easier to manage the project as you will be aware of what’s happening.


If the outsource development team is in different time zones, ask if there is a local representative that you can speak to directly to have your issues resolved.


Here at Texo Design, we aim to mitigate all of the above concerns by implementing regular meetings with our clients. Any one of our project managers in Melbourne is always contactable during and after hours if required. We would be more than happy to provide a list of current clients that you can call for reference checks or arrange for us to demonstrate apps we have developed for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices as evidence that we have the skills to create what you need at a lower cost.

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