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mobile marketing 2015

It is estimated that mobile marketing spend in 2015 will rise to approximately $19 billion, according to a study by the Mobile Marketing Association. In the US alone, 25% of users access the web from smartphones and tablets, with this figure expected to grow from 1.9 billion devices in 2013 to 3.3 billion in 2015. While mobile marketing was once considered a marginal part of overall marketing campaigns, new platforms and capabilities are doing away with shoddy display ads and replacing them with video ads on mobile and other innovations. This is making mobile advertising a much greater playing field for brands, advertising agencies and content publishers alike.


The infograph below shows that more than 50% of Americans use their smartphones to access search engines and 95% search for products and services in their local area. In May 2013, there were around 11.19 million smartphones users in Australia, a 29% increase since 2013. Australians spent $237 billion shopping online in 2011-12, which means marketers need to embrace and integrate mobile marketing together with social media and traditional marketing channels. Users want content to be informative and entertaining, somewhat like a story. Therefore, marketers need to be creative in writing content that conveys the right message to their audience in their digital storytelling.


Among the three major components of mobile marketing spend, advertising on smartphones and tablets are expected to account for 50 percent of expenditures in 2014, representing a spending chunk worth nearly $5 billion. As smartphones and tablets play an increasingly important role in consumers’ lives, brands are set on penetrating audiences through these devices with multiplatform marketing campaigns. In particular, video advertising on mobile is targeting users who turn more frequently to their mobile gadgets to access video content.


The focus for brands in 2015 would be creating and delivering content that engages their customers and the wider community. There are many examples of awesome brands dominating in digital but there are still many major brands that think of digital as an afterthought to the above the line campaign. This should be the year that digital campaigns should be brought to the table at the beginning of a campaign/marketing discussion. Content is king!

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mobile marketing spend in 2015

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