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If you are looking for a simple tool to test your website front-end without integrating or writing code, Test Anywhere is a good choice. Test Anywhere is an extension tool on Chrome, an automated testing tool. Today, Texo Design - drupal web design melbourne will share how to use Test Anywhere to test front-end.

1. Advantages:
• You can simulate user actions in a simple and intuitive manner without writing code.
• The tests run in cloud by schedule or by demand. You will be announced when something breaks.
• It provides detailed report and video replays of failed tests.
• It will notify instantly the failture via email or Slack.

2. Disadvantages:
• You can only test 3 functions: click, contains and visble. Because you do not need intergrate or write code to test, we can not add any script to test more functions.
• This app is not popular, there are not many users use it.
• Test Anywhere support center does not support well.

3. Prices: The free version includes 1,000 test runs monthly, test builder, email and Slack notifications and video replays of failed tests. The price starts from 29.99$/month with more test runs monthly and less cost for run over limit.

4. Download and install:
4.1. Go to this page:
4.2. Click on “Start using” button or “Get started” button in bottom page.
4.3. Page will be redirected to chrome web store, click on “Add to chrome” to add app.
4.4. After application is added, open Test Anywhere and log in to application.

5. How to use Test Anywhere:
5.1. Create a new test: Enter your website address. You can change address later. Then click “Create”

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5.2. After creating a new test, you will see new window, there’re 2 column:

● Left column is test steps, where you can create or edit steps. There’re 2 icons on above: refresh webpage and settings. You can edit name of test, website address, run test or remove the test.
● Right column is your website’s front end.

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5.3. Click “Create first step” to create first test step. Choose item which you would like to work on it, there are 3 options for you to test element:
● Click: Simulates a click event on the given element.
● Contains: Checks if the given element contains the specified text.
● Visible: Checks if the given element is visible on the page.

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5.4. After create test steps, click “Save and run test”. Test will be run in cloud. When test has finished running, passed or failed, it will show the result below.

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5.5. You can perform action any step without running test by clicking on icon on the right of step and choose “Perform action”. You also edit step or delete step in there.

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5.6. There is a burger icon menu on the left where you can create or manage your tests. Online dashboard page will be opened in browser, you can edit profile, notification and also set you tests.

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Test Anywhere is a good tool to do automated testing, it is easy to use for beginner testers, although this tool doesn’t support enough functions to response actions on web application. There’re many automated testing tool which you can explore, such as: Selenium, Nightwatchjs, Tellurium,…

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