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Frequent business travellers will know that technology can make a big difference for running a smooth itinerary. The advent of the smartphone and native apps has resulted in their being a program for almost anything you may find yourself needing on a business trip.

Here are our favourite apps to help even the most seasoned business flyer have an even smoother trip.


1Finding the best flight has never been easier. Whether you are looking for the cheapest flights, the shortest layovers or you’re stuck somewhere due to missing a flight, Skyscanner gives you flights at your fingertips. Searching and booking is very simple, and it’s free to use.

Gate Guru

2Gate Guru will store your flight details and alert you to any gate changes, saving you the hassle of constantly checking the screens for changes to gates or flights. It’s also handy to determine where things are in airports, including amenities.


3Once you have your itinerary, you can simply email it to your TripIt account and the app will intelligently organise it all for you. Flights, accommodation, and travel arrangements are all noted. It’s like having your own travel assistant in your pocket.

Weather Pro

4The standard weather apps on phones have a habit of being very inaccurate, which is why this is where apps like Weather Pro truly shine. Knowing what to expect when you land means you can pack the necessary clothing for your trip. After all, nobody wants to lug around unnecessary clothing on a business trip.


5Spending time in a foreign city can be a daunting prospect. Inevitably there will be times on a business trip that you need to eat alone, and luckily finding a reputable place has never been easier. Yelp curates user reviews so that you can search for local restaurants, and makes sure they are good enough to deserve your business.


6Being in a foreign country means you may need to speak some basic phrases to get by. iTranslate will help you find words to communicate with locals, and will allow you to translate things such as menus to ensure you’re getting what you think you’re ordering. This app can also be a face saver when in a business meeting with foreign associates.


7The process for getting a taxi can differ in various countries, but now the widespread reach of Uber means that it doesn’t have to be confusing. Book a trusted Uber driver on demand and track its progress as it drives towards you. And best of all you never have to worry about cash payments again as it is all done through the app.


8Business trips tend to involve a lot of complicated expense claims, but this is one app that could save you the hassle. Linking it to your credit card will allow it group transactions, and will generate a report on your trip expenses at the end.

Lounge buddy

10When travelling between countries or cities, the airport lounge can be a saviour for the weary business traveller. Simply open the app, search for your nearest lounge, and read reviews before deciding where you’d like to spend your down time or freshen up. You can even purchase access through the app to the more exclusive lounges.


11When you’re on the road for extended periods, it’s important to be able to stay in touch with family and even colleagues. Say goodbye to expensive roaming charges, as Viber allows you to make and receive calls and messages over cellular data networks. If your contacts aren’t using Viber, you can still make calls at discounted rates.

With so many apps available to handle each component of your trip, travelling for business has never been easier. Any business executive can feel like the chairman of the board with such powerful apps in their suit pocket.

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