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Christmas and New Year ideas for brand

Christmas and New Year Holiday Season is usually the best time of the year when families stay together and give presents to one another. Ever wondered how to reward your customers or increase engagement and brand awareness over the Christmas and New Year holiday period? Well, Texo Design have some idea suggestions to start with.


Idea #1. Create a Loyalty program


Going on the 80/20 principle, usually 80% of your revenue will come from 20% of customers who frequently buy your products or services. Therefore, by sending a small gift that remind customers of your brand, you can make them feel special. As a result, they will be more loyal to your brand.


It is also a great idea to send a postcard or newsletters to customers on your database together with a special discount voucher. This could prompt a customer to purchase another gift from your store.


Idea #2. A photo is worth a thousand words


Ask your fans and followers to share stories about how they enjoy the holiday or what they love about this season or what it means to them, things they missed in the past year or their New Year goals. People love to reflect back on the year that passed and it also helps them to set new goals for the next year. Telling stories through photos is a wonderful idea to touch emotion of your audiences.


Idea #3. Selfie check-in for discount


Selfie – the selected word of 2013 by Oxford Dictionary – is so popular and loved because we want to share our best moments with family and friends. Think of creative ideas to decorate your store so that people would stop by and take photos of themselves. Then they will share all selfies on social networks.


Idea #4. Stock clearance sale


New Year is always a great time for you to introduce new (and possibly innovative products) but you need clear up space. By clearing your old stock, you can focus your resources on new product launches.



Once you have decided on what you want to do, you will need to plan:


Website Updates – Make your website creative and impressive with holiday theme while provoking happiness and eagerness to buy. If you have in-house resources, it’s great. Otherwise, seek help from a professional web design company.


Advertisement and marketing – Create inspiring and touching branded stories so people will remember, talk and share them on the social media. Create different promotion programs to push sales and monitor the results.


Attractive Gifts – If you are thinking of prizes for giveaway campaigns, there are a lot of options such as calendars, movie tickets, vouchers, coupons, flights, accomodation, or simply your new products samples.


You may want to read more tips about building brand on the social media while implementing these Christmas and New Year ideas for your brand. Do you have another idea? Please share in the comment below.

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