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When it comes to choosing a CMS for your next project, you will definitely think of big names such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. However, this is 2016 and there are heaps of other alternative CMS solutions that you might want to consider. This article will name a few of them so you can have more options to choose from. Today, Texo design - web application company in melbourne will share with you topic “Alternative CMS to consider for your next web project”


Kirby (

Advertised as a file-based CMS, this is a perfect solution for designers or web administrators who want a dead simple CMS solution for their website. No database is required whatsoever. Yes, you heard me right, no database is required which also means you will manage your content by uploading text file onto your host. Pretty awesome right?


Templating in Kirby is also super easy. Kirby has a excellent documentation for you to reference so you know where to get help when are unsure. In addition, you could also get extra help by going to its forum where your question may have already been asked and answered by others.

The pricing structure is also very flexible. You can download and try Kirby on your computer for free! If you find that Kirby ticks all your requirements, you can purchase a personal licence for $17 or for $89, the pro version.


Perch (

Perch is created by Rachel Andrew and Drew McLellan at edge of my seat. Perch offers 2 versions. The first one is Perch and the second one is Perch Runway, which is a more advanced version.


The biggest advantage that Perch offers compared to other CMS systems is that Perch does not mess with your HTML/CSS code and you can use with whatever CSS framework you like. Compared to Joomla, which you have to use the outdated bootstrap 2 framework integrated into the CMS, Perch offers the flexibility which Joomla does not.


According to its founders, Perch is built with design professionals in mind and “our aim with Perch is to create the very best solution for professional web designers, developers and agencies to use in their client work.”


Perch also offers robust documentation and a support forum, which you can get help immediately whenever you have any questions.


Craft CMS (

Written in PHP and is considered a rising star in the CMS world, Craft CMS offers a ton of cool features such as Live Preview, Localization and One-Click Updating. (


Just like Kirby or Perch, Craft CMS offers good documentation and support so rest assured that you will have support if you are stuck with questions or issues.


We have just taken a quick look at 3 alternative CMS solutions that you may want to use instead of the usual obvious ones out there. There are obviously a lot more other solutions that this article could not mention but hopefully these 3 alternative CMS solutions are enough to give you some ideas of what to choose from. Happy implementing CMS folks!

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