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Menulog is a food delivery system that operates around Australia, offering takeaway food and food deliveries from no fewer than 5,000 restaurants located conveniently close to the delivery address of clients who use the service.

The online order placement app is functional and easy to use, and it works equally well as both a desktop application and on Apple and Android smartphones.

A customer in need of food delivery simply enters a postcode as a location designator, and the Menulog menu displays a range of restaurants located in the proximity of the client. The system can even display a map showing the location of the restaurant chosen in case the customer would prefer to pick-up their order rather than have it delivered.

Customers can browse restaurant menus and enter special requirements. As an example, a curry dish may be offered with beef, chicken or pork. The preferred choice can be entered, and there may even be an option to specify if the dish required should be spicy. Clients can also search food in categories like vegetarian, vegan and gluten free. Keywords can be entered in the search bar for specific menu items.

Once the order has been placed, Menulog sends a confirmation email to the customer and places the order with the specified restaurant. It is then the responsibility of the restaurant to confirm the order with the client, including an estimated time of delivery or the estimated time of pick-up. According to client reviews the delivery time can vary, but is usually within an acceptable timeframe.

Payment can be processed with a credit card or via Paypal.

It all sounds good for the busy person in need of sustenance. However, this is a demand and delivery service that depends on the cooperation of thousands of different vendors. By experience, we all know that different restaurants may be busy and, even when we visit them personally, the waiting time for orders placed can vary considerably.

The primary problem with a service of this kind is that it attracts customer reviews and, for a service of this nature, the majority of such reviews are made by disgruntled clients. There are plenty of critical reviews online. The major complaints, as can be expected, relate to late deliveries and to the quantity of food delivered.

The key factor to keep in mind with poor reviews is that these are not a reflection of the Menulog service itself for slow deliveries and inadequate amount of food delivered. The only possible approach Menulog itself can implement is to remove restaurants that attract poor reviews from the system.

However, there are other issues that are more serious in nature. Several customers have pointed out that once they have submitted a poor review they receive a call from the restaurant offering them a free voucher in exchange for removing the review.

In response to this, Menulog have stated that their policy is to forward any complaint about a review they receive for a restaurant to the vendor. They are not responsible for any action taken by the restaurant to influence the reviews they receive, and do not encourage the editing of a user-generated review in accordance with current consumer law by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

The Customer Advocate Choice has warned their customers not to rely on customer-generated reviews for any type of product or service, as they are frequently biased and influenced by circumstantial issues. They also point out that such reviews are easily manipulated. For this reason, it is recommended that any reviews you leave on a restaurant be an honest reflection of your experience with the individual restaurant.

The service offered by the Menulog app is convenient and easy to use, and has resulted in hundreds of thousands of people across Australia ordering their takeaway food in a hassle-free manner. Why not give it a try today and make up your own mind? The app can be downloaded for Android OS here, and for iOS here.

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