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Web design trends change rapidly and companies need to ensure their websites adapt to the latest trends or risk falling behind the competition.  In order to attract more customers and retain existing ones, companies must ensure user’s experience on their website is great. 2014, gave rise to application of flat design, the use of large and beautiful background images, good typography and animation. In 2015, we expect more interesting trends to emerge so let’s dive in and see what’s in store this year.


Web Design Trend #1: Flat Design will continue to grow

‘Modern’ means simplicity. In 2014, we have seen this huge trend as the giants in the technology world like Microsoft, Apple and Google kept their product designs flat. We will definitely see more brands following this flat design trend.

Texo Design advises that you should consider going flat in building your websites and applications for better aesthetics on any platforms and environment.


Web Design Trend #2: Video Backgrounds

The use of large background image has been around for years but that has begun to change. A new and more engaging website with video background has emerged in 2014.  Implemented correctly, the video background makes the website more interactive and customers will be more inclined to visit the site more often and thus, generating more conversions.


Web Design Trend #3: Everyone can build websites

Yes, you heard it right! Last year, we witnessed many DIY web tools being used by non-designers because these tools enabled people with no coding skills to create website by themselves. It is predicted that more websites will be created using technologies such Macaw, Webflow, Squarespace, Froont or the Grid.

This is a cheap and convenient web solution for anyone who wants to build simple website for personal use or small businesses without many resources. If you want a professional business website with tailored functions, we suggest that you find a reputable web design company to save you time, efforts, and resources.


Web Design Trend #4: Sketch App will take off

This is not actually a design trend but also good to note that designers sometimes tend to use alternative design tools. Photoshop has been the bread and butter tool for web designers but this is changing gradually with applications like Sketch come about. Sketch, created by the guys at, is lighter, more affordable, easy-to-use and made particularly for web designers.


Web Design Trend #5: Animation and Micro Interactions

The introduction of Google’s new material design and Apple’s iOS 8, micro interactions and UI animation have been taken to the next level. The same has happened to the web world as we will see a lot of micro design websites with subtle but cool animations and interactions built that will enhance the user experience.


Web Design Trend #6: Maybe, it’s time to say goodbye to IE

For most web designers and developers, working with Internet Explorer (IE) 6 and 7 were just painful. Well, that will be no longer be an issue in 2015 due to rapid growth of Chrome and Firefox browsers. However, all is not lost for IE fans as Microsoft has now been working on developing another browser called Spartan.


If you’re looking to update your business website, speak to Texo Design today!

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