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Thousands of apps are released each year, some of which are great and other which are not so worthwhile. With all of these apps flooding the market, sometimes really great apps slip through the cracks in terms of recognition.

We decided to take a look at some apps that are not performing so well, but really should be.


Feedly is an app that allows you to aggregate your various RSS feeds so you can stay abreast of your favourite blogs, YouTube channels, and news sites. It has social sharing built in so you can share your favourite content with friends on
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.


Evernote is an extremely powerful tool that allows you to take notes, make lists, collect photos and articles, and anything else that can help you organise your work and life. It synchronises across all of your devices, and makes project management a breeze.

Star Tracker HD

This app makes stargazing easy and allows anyone to enjoy astronomy. Simply hold the device up, and it will identify constellations. You can even share screenshots of your stargazing adventures with friends. Truly eye opening and educational.


Scanning is such a common task, and a great way to send and backup documents. Scanners can be cumbersome, however, which is where this app comes in. It allows you to rapidly scan documents simply using your phone.


With vast amounts of content available on the web every day, it’s hard to get through it all. With this app, you can save articles and videos for viewing later, at just the press of a button. You can share them with friends and even view them offline.


Plex allows you to store and share your various media with friends and stream it to any of your devices. All you need is the Plex desktop client installed on your computer and the app on your mobile devices.


This handy app allows you to link your mobile device with your computer, so you don’t miss any notifications, and you can easily transfer files between devices.

Google Keep

The Google Keep app allows you to capture all of your thoughts in real time, whether they be written notes or spoken voice memos. Colour coding helps the user experience, and tasks and reminders ensure you’re always on top of things.


This app is like having a genius in your pocket. It‘s your pocket source for any complex questions you may have across so many different domain areas. You’ll be amazed at how intelligent it is.

The ultimate organiser app that works across all your devices. Use it for personal tasks, or workflows and project management.

Awesome Note

This all in one To Do list creator, calendar, and reminder system is all you need to organise your daily life.


This app gives you another keyboard option for your device. It has hundreds of emoticons, learns your vocabulary and typing style, and has customisable themes.


Let this app handle all your socialising. Meet people at new events by browsing your interests, or set up your own groups that people can join, and meet likeminded people with similar interests.


Make lists and use them in a powerful way. Whether it’s for groceries or business ideas, this app makes it a joy and easy to manage your lists.


This smart app allows you to scan barcodes to find promotions and deals on items. It also doubles as an accurate QR code scanner. Perfect for the avid shopper.

Gate Guru

Like to travel? This app gives you everything from your itineraries to internal maps of the airports you are visiting, to user reviews of global airports.

Guitar Kit+

Want to learn to play the guitar? This app will show hundreds of chords, and even includes a metronome for beginners.


This is a media entertainment player with a difference. Stream multimedia content and use the interface to make remote controls easier across devices.


This app helps you find what to do right now in some of the world’s biggest cities (London, San Francisco, and New York). Find an interesting event that’s happening and book tickets in real time.

BUZZ Player

This multimedia player allows you to play various file formats, so you never have to worry about converting files to be able to watch them.

Lumen Trails Daily Organiser

This app lets you track your life! Whether it’s lists and tasks, or calories, it has you covered. Very useful as a one stop tracking and note taking app.


Another organiser app, Suru relies on being a simple way to take notes, colour code tasks, and organise information.


Ask questions of your network and the community, and get personal answers. A great way to share knowledge and help people out!


This powerful app lets you create alerts so that any time your company or business is mentioned online, you receive a notification. Great for managing your publicity and brand, or even keeping an eye on your competitors.


A modern trivia game where you can compete with friends or strangers. Learn while you have fun, and the graphics make it a pleasure to play.


Apple’s video editing app helps you store and create amazing videos. Who needs a Hollywood budget when you have a phone?


TED talks are a great way to pass time, but also a great way to learn from some of the most interesting speakers on the planet. Search for topics or just browse the entire range of talks and videos.


Fascinated by space? This app will give you your astronaut fix by letting you view images and videos, news about missions, and plenty of information about NASA and its missions.


A discovery platform that helps beer lovers find the best pubs and beers to check out. Includes a social aspect to see what your friends are liking, and allows you to rate beers and pubs too.

Type Machine

This app is simple, yet powerful. It remembers everything that you type in every app, so that you don’t lose anything if an app or your device crashes. If you’re worried about security, you can even PIN protect it.

Xtended NavBar

This app adds some extra navigation and functionality to your Android device. Perfect for those power users.


Like reading? This app gives you access to hundreds of thousands of books, any time. Share with friends and explore the latest titles.


Send video messages to the people you love. Much more personal than a text message, and the perfect way to share special moments and stay in touch. Quick and easy to use too.


Considered the best calendar app for iOS, Fantastical is almost like a personal assistant. So smart, it’s easy to dictate entries and the app will even schedule them for you.


An app for serious cyclists. Track your mileage, climbs, and training regimes, and even report on your progress. You can also compete with other cyclists in the network for personal satisfaction.

GAIN Fitness

A personal trainer in your pocket, this app has endless workout combinations inspired by multiple disciplines of training. Measure and monitor your progress and share with your friends.


Email on your mobile device just got easier. This intelligent app learns how you use email, and helps you make it more efficient. The gesture based controls are intuitive and a pleasure to use, making email more fun than ever.

Last Pass

Passwords are a pain to remember, but this secure app solves this problem for everyone.  You only need to remember one password, and the app will store the rest and validate the login to all your other sites and applications.


If This Then That. Create recipes that allow tasks to be automated, adding flexibility to apps that you never thought was possible!

Personal finances are important, and there has never been a better way to manage them. This app allows you to combine all of your accounts and track your spending and budget in one easy place.

Titanium Backup

This fully functional, all in one backup app will ensure your Android device is securely backed up in case the worst happens.


As the internet becomes a more dangerous place to transact, this app adds another layer of security by introducing 2 factor authentication to your device and accounts. You can never be too careful.


Don’t have your own personal assistant? No worries. This app will be your own assistant, helping you navigate your day. It will tell you when to leave for a meeting, considering traffic and parking, and even remind you of your travel plans and confirmations.

Dragon Dictation

If you’re too lazy to type or prefer to speak, this app will let you dictate and do the typing for you. It’s so accurate that it claims to be 5 times faster than typing.

Onavo Extend

This clever app helps you make the most of your data allowances by condensing data you access and not loading images until you scroll. Its aim is to prevent bill shock when it comes to your mobile data.


Brewster is a full service address book, allowing you to merge and synchronise your contacts from all of your various networks, including social media. It then provides you with up to date and comprehensive information on your contacts.


Another contact manager, this app cleverly works out who is most important to you and arranges them accordingly in your contacts. It also ensure that your social media feeds feature more from those that matter most rather than just those that posted most recently.


This app allows you to share your files between your devices, with the added benefit of greater security. You can password protect your files, and also see when they were accessed. An app like this is very important in this day and age where file security is a concern. All your files will also be synchronised between your devices, so you can be confident that you’re always looking at the latest versions.


This invaluable app provides you with tens of thousands of recipes in mere seconds. This isn’t even half of what the app offers, however. A ‘dinner spinner’ option allows you to shake your iPhone to view random meals based on dish styles, ingredients, and preparation time. A menu planner allows you to assign recipes to days of the week, tweak servings to suit you, and even assembles a checkable shopping list.

BabyMonitor HD

Where was this app when we were children? The baby monitor of all baby monitors, this app allows you to stream both video and audio through your home’s WiFi. Furthermore, the app allows you to connect to four different devices, thus making it possible to keep an eye on four different children at once. A ‘home’ and ‘away’ option allows you to switch security settings when viewing the video stream. This is the modern parent’s dream!

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