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Ruby on Rails is a framework that allows development of Web applications which consists of two basic parts:

The Ruby language: “Ruby is a programming language open source, flexible, with a highlight on the simple to use and useful. It has syntax ‘elegant’ natural and easy to read and easy easy to write”.
The Rails Framework includes many libraries.

Today, Texo design - web application development australia will share you why do you choose Ruby on Rails for your business?
I believe that Ruby on Rails is preferred because it is the most effective way to build web applications. This is a conclusion I have drawn is through experience building Rails applications for our clients in the last 5 years.

1) Fast
Rails can accelerate the process of web development as it provides a platform with clean code and allows you to reuse any existing components.
Rails also provides plugin called Ruby Gems, it can be used in place of the basic feature. Along with testing tools and features samples, it has made Rails an effective tool as well as being accessible.

2) Cost effective
Rails helps you remove unnecessary parts of the whole project, helps developers focus on the specific problems instead of having to learn the framework and ultimately, reducing the development costs.

3) Open source
This is what I think is the best feature of Rails – the Framework and its library are open source. Rails itself runs on Linux and is open source, which means that all projects made on Rail do not have any copyright costs.
Open source also means that it has a strong community behind it and there are thousands of developers willing to help when you encounter problems during Web design.

4) Flexibility
After launching your web application, you can edit it easily. Add new features, change data standards and other changes are made very quickly – again saving you both time and money.

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Some websites using Ruby on Rails
– System distributed source management, many big companies use, and has more than 1.5 million people are using this site as a place to store their projects
– project management website online, was born in 2004, so far has more than 8 million project is managed on this website.
– the social networking site facebook 2nd largest following, are used commonly in the United States and European countries.
– this is a site online document sharing large and famous, there are many free materials or shared here.
– And some other famous sites like, and many other sites.

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