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If you’re interested in self-development but need some help or motivation, then look no further than your mobile device. These days there are numerous apps to help you along the way to any self-empowerment goals you may have made for yourself. From getting in shape to finding inner peace, there is something out there for you, and now it’s as simple as to monitor your success at the press of a little button. So if you’re ready to add a few more tools to your arsenal of ambition, then here are 10 suggestions that have a powerful influence in many different areas of self-improvement.

First, let’s look at brain games for the next Einsteins in the making:

    Want to work on sharpening that mind of yours? Then Lumosity may do just the trick. As a personalised training program, this little app helps you to sharpen your cognitive skills through a series of game-like workouts, or test your memory and attention to detail. It even has a series of science games, boasts 50 million users, and charts personal progress where users may see how their intellect compares to others.
    On August 19, 2015, Lumosity developers added “Editor’s choice”: users can enter the fast-paced world of headline news, where word choice and diction makes all the difference. The overall aim? To find the best words to write up your report.
    It’s great for students, journalists, and anyone who uses language on a daily basis.Developer: Lumos Labs, Inc.
    Price: Free
  2. TED
    Want to find inspiration and information on any topic your heart desires? Look no further than TED, which is now available for mobile devices. TED is a web-based conference database that hosts special presentations by the top experts in the world, and is designed to get you thinking and inspired.
    Some of the coolest features of TED for mobile include the ability to download talks and watch them during offline periods, sharing your favourite talks with your friends, and the ability to build a custom playlist based on your interests.
    TED features some of the most interesting people in the world, from technology gurus, business brave hearts, medical breakthrough personalities, and more; there’s something on TED for everyone. If you like TED, also check out 99U, another video database of speakers from various academic, medical and leadership backgrounds.Developer: TED Conferences
    Price: Free
  3. UDEMY
    Interested in sharpening your intellect from the limitless doorways an online classroom has to offer? Than be sure to check out Udemy, The app teaches its users real world skills in a wide array of topics, from creative arts like photography, to computer programming and marketing, this app boasts 25,000 online courses. Students are able to enrol and study all through their mobile device or computer! Get progress reports and suggestions for improvement, a money-back guarantee if it’s not for you, so it’s risk free, and a certificate of completion by the time the course is finished. It’s a win-win for those who love to learn!Developer: Udemy, Inc.
    Price: App is free, in-app purchases from $12.99+
    Climb to different cranial heights with this little game. Albert Einstein (in mobile form) guides you through a series of games and training to test your scientific knowledge and check your ‘daily brain fitness’ in the scientific realm. Test your friends too, by playing against them in a Hot-seat mode, accessible from one iPhone device. Difficulty level can be personalised, so it’s fun for all different backgrounds and levels of expertise. Ready to see if you’re the next Einstein? Download and find out.Developer: BBG Entertainment GmbH
    Price: $3.79 (there is also a limited free version for those who just want to try it out first).

What about the gym-enthusiasts, looking to work on that fitness? Well, there are apps for you, too:

    This app is not for the faint of heart, mostly because it could cost you — literally! The app works by pitting users against their goals for cash; if you don’t meet your expectations, then you you’ve got to pay up – and the money you’ve lost goes towards those who have met their goals. It’s not for everyone, but it has been proven to be effective, and has been featured in Forbes, the New York Times, Good Morning America, and many others. The mobile user is able to manage how much money he or she has available to lose or gain, usually around $1 per missed goal, and is in charge of placing his or her fitness and diet goals for the week. For those who REALLY need an extra push, it could be solution to reaching those fitness goals after all. Beeminder is a similar app to Gympact, in that it offers financial incentive (don’t lose that money!) to stay on track, except instead of workout and fitness, the app generates a wider-range of goals.Developer: GymPact
    Price: Free (if you meet your goals!).
    If yoga is your workout of choice, then this could be the app for you. The app contains 50 different video exercises to choose from that last about 25 minutes in length, and also include inspiration yoga-based artwork to get you in the zone. Includes a yoga trainer in the video to help you stay focused and ensure you’re doing the poses correctly to increase your flexibility, balance and core strength. It’s great if you’re working on a busy schedule. Find you can never seem to leave the office these days? You might also try Office Yoga, which includes 75 features categorised by the environment you happen to be in when you want to practice your yoga, and stretches you can do while on the go.Developer: Wizzard Media
    Price: $6.49
    This app is exactly as it sounds – a workout trainer, tailored to your style of workouts, accessible through your mobile phone. With access to thousands of different workout methods, from cardio to weight-training and all led by some of the most savvy trainers in the business, you are sure to meet and even exceed all your fitness goals with this top-market app. Includes workout reminders, a community of Workout Trainer users also trying to reach their goals, and each move performed is discussed and explained by the trainer to make sure you understand how your body is working towards improvement.Developer: Skimble, Inc.
    Price: Free

For those interested in a mind, body and soul experience to a happier life and greater self-awareness, well, there are apps for you, too:

    Always wanted to learn a new language, but never found the time? This app features an easy-to-use interface that helps you learn a language of your choosing in a memorable and interactive format. This app won Apple’s 2013 App of the Year award, and there’s good reason: a more linguistic community means a more culturally-savvy world. In small 8-minute learning lesson increments, this is education on the go. And what’s more, you could be speaking with the locals in no time flat! It’s a fun and creative way to learn Spanish, French, Dutch, Swedish, German, Portuguese, and more.Developer: Duolingo
    Price: Free
    Everyone has problems, but that doesn’t mean solutions to these problems have to be difficult to find and implement. At least, they don’t with the UNSTUCK app, which is designed to assist users through its tips and advice to diagnose problems and help find the best solution for you.Developer: Unstuck
    Price: Free
    Based entirely on the latest neuroscience research, this app helps users to treat and implement techniques to reduce symptoms associated with mood disorders including anxiety and depression.Developer: Moodtune
    Price: $89.99

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